Name: brick panel RHD006
brick panel RHD006




Usually if you want build a house we will assume you hired a mason, but Rihont fake brick panels are not made up of brick at all. accurately, they’re composed of steel sheet and core material such as polyurethane / polythene / rockwool/ honeycomb/ MGO, which is a super-durable material with ability to withstand a wide range of extreme climate conditions: wind, moisture, harsh cold and scorching sun, as well as insect and pest damage and all other forms of wear and tear. Also our core material is also incredibly lightweight, making it infinitely more cost-efficient and easy to install than real brick. Rihont faux brick panels will continue to look great without fading, cracking or peeling for years to come.




1. Core Materials : Can be EPS  / PU  / ROCKWOOL  / HONEYCOMB  / MGO 


2. Face Materials:  Double corrugated galvanized color steel ( aluminum and stainless also can supply )


3. Surface decorative pattern: Brick style / Stone style / Tile style / Wood Grain style / Mosaic style / Culture Stone style. Can produce according to your design.


4. Color steel thickness :0.3mm-1.0mm


5. Effective width: Standard 950mm / 1150mm, non standard can be made as your requirement


6. Total thickness: Standard 50mm / 75mm / 100mm, non standard can be made as your requirement


7. Length : can be cut as the your requirement


8. Board face protection : double faced PVC protective film


9. Side steel strip : with or without




The unique patterning and texture of Rihont brick panel creates a discreet and attractive backdrop for a living room, den, kitchen, as an accent on a fireplace or outdoors as home siding, on porches, or in the garden or patio area, or or as complete coverage for a building wall.


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