Name: 10MM/20MM/30MM aluminum honeycomb panel
10MM/20MM/30MM aluminum honeycomb panel



FIRE PROOF Aluminum Honeycomb sandwich panel

1.the surface layer of plate is aluminum sheet / PPGI / stainless steel ,the central layer is the honeycombed strucrure made of aluminum foil,which has excellent rigidity and is one of best metallic wall material, has been widely used in the decoration of modern architecture,train,aotomoble and ship manufacuring industries
3.those panels are developed strictly according to international standards



1. light body but solid quality,light weight and great intensity,large load capacity ,reduce construction cost
2. high specific strength and rigidity ,not prone to distortion
3. with the soundproof,anti-vibration,humidity-proof and fireproof functions
4.easy to instal and maintain
5. coating is anti-effloresce,long lasting and chemically resistance to corrosion
6. elegant apperance and durable



1.common thickness:10mm,20mm,25mm ,30mm , 40mm, 50mm
2.width: 950mm/ 980mm / 1150mm / 1180mm

3.we can produce it according to your requirement



1) Over 30 colors optional, also could customized for customer

2) Super performance on peeling strength, coating evenness, and surface impact resistance, light weight, fireproof and water proof.



1) Match any commercial or residential interior and exterior decoration

2) Widely used in ceiling, floor, bathroom, kitchen, cabinet, tunnel, subway, billboards, exhibitions, saloons, car, boat decoration, and more



1) Excellent torsion strength

2) Outstanding characteristics of fireproofing

3) Excellent impact resistance

4) Excellent weather resistance

5) Even coating & various color

6) Easy to maintain

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