Name: Tongue and groove Injection type PU sandwich wall panel
Tongue and groove Injection type PU sandwich wall panel


Rihont injection PU panel In order to obtain a perfect and homogenous adhesion between the polyurethane and the pre-painted galvanized steel sheet the polyurethane injection and expansion is effected in hot press.

Raw materials of rigid-foam liquids are delivered into the mixing head through the metering pump on the injection machine and then injected onto the bottom facing sheet going to conveyors along with the top superficial sheet. Between the upper and lower conveyors, the liquid materials are foamed and hardened into shape, after which the laminated panel is edge-trimmed and cut by an automatic tracking cutter into segments according to the preset length.



.light and durable
.easy installation
.hot & sound insulation
.High quality
.Working life: More than 20 years


1.Materials : Double color steel (stainless steel or aluminum also can supply )+ pu(polyurethane ) panel

2.color steel thickness :0.4mm-1.0mm 

3.Total Thickness:40mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm /150mm /200mm

4.Effective Width :970mm / 1130mm

5.Length : can be cut as the customer’s requirement

6.Heat conductivity (W / m.k) ≤0.025

7.Compressive strength (kg / cm2) ≥2.0

8.density :30 ~ 60kg/m3 (no deformation under high pressure)

9.Fireproof Grade: B1-class

10.Board face protection : double faced PVC protective film


PU SANDWICH PANEL is widly used as wall/roofing material for steel structure plant, gym, Supermatet ,commercial and civilian facilitie etc.

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